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New Location 12531 Hwy 90 Luling LA 70070
38 Hour Course14 Hour Course
18th, 19th, 20th, 21st (CLASS FULL)Call for Appointment
14,15,16,17Call for Appointment
12,13,19,20Call for Appointment
5,6,12,13Call for Appointment
Roger Folse 504-416-4633
Kevin Robicheaux 504-487-1794
Mrs. Amber Guillot 504-450-5333
Señorita Luz 504-920-3686
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Items to Bring to the Office of Motor Vehicles to obtain a Temporary Instructional Permit for Driver's Education

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St. Charles Driving Academy is located in Luling, off of Highway 90. Our main focus is to provide a high-quality driver education for pre-drivers. Customer satisfaction is very important. We will do everything we can to meet all expectations. We have a secure drop box located in Luling on 12531 Hwy 90. (Save the stamp - drop off your child's registration)

Why pick St. Charles Driving Academy?
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We have everything you need to succeed as a driver, including behind-the-wheel, classroom, and custom lesson packages. Your safety on the road is our #1 concern.

Don't take a chance with an unproven driving school.
Invest in your long-term safety driving behind-the-wheel and on the road.

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